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Tash, the warmth of life

Welcome to the Tash international website.

Tash Radiator Industrial Production Group is a producer of a complete set of panel radiators in Iran, which started operating in 2014 by the private sector with an investment of more than 15 million euros and an annual production capacity of 900,000 meters of panel radiators, and is being supplied to It is the consumer market. Using the world standards, modern technology and technology of Germany and Italy, in a space of 32000 square meters using fully automatic machines, Tash Radiator has produced high quality products in compliance with the international standard BS EN442 and to its customers with It offers a 12-year warranty. Tash company with modern and up-to-date technology is a provider of the highest quality items throughout Iran in the field of construction facilities, and by adopting unique measures in the selection of representatives, it sells its products in a completely systematic manner and by creating a wide network of sales and after-sales services. It sells all over the country.

Modern design and high-quality products

According to the type of building and the room used, you can prepare, install and use the desired panel radiator, and to dry personal clothes and towels, you can use suitable towel dryer radiators.

Boost your quality of life

Modern Design

If you are looking for a beautiful design in the decoration of a residential or office unit or if you need high quality products, you can achieve your dream in the desired decoration by using the information on this website. By providing the highest quality products with the help of reputable brands across the country, in sync with the air conditioning industry technology, Tash Radiator tries to give its customers a standard product in addition to quality. The experienced sales and after-sales service team has started all its efforts to provide a new service and, relying on its many years of experience, consider the distinct needs of customers and provide decent services to consumers. All the efforts of the staff of Tash Collection are to provide special services in unique and safe ways while maintaining the quality of the goods.


Black Panther

The warmth of life

For a beautiful design

Quality and beautiful design

On the Tash Radiator website, you will find creative ideas according to your needs for designing rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. We are inspired by your needs in the early stages of selection and then support. It is worth reminding that: we will be your reliable partner even after choosing and buying, especially services, warranty, and supply of spare parts.

Feel The Warmth of Life

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