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The Sanica collection offers global quality products to its customers by using global standards and using fully automatic German and Italian machines. This product is designed and produced using modern European technology and according to international standards.
In 2015, Sanika became the largest fully automatic production line of panel radiators in the world with an annual production capacity of five million meters in the city of Aksar, Turkey. Exporting to more than 70 countries has placed Sanika at the top of the world’s powerful brands and in the list of the top 1000 exporting companies and 500 largest industrial companies in Turkey. From July 2015, the export of Sanica panel radiators to Canada began, which made Sanica one of the first radiator brands in Europe to offer its products in North America.

Among the reasons for the increasing success of Sanica at the global level, we can mention its distinctive features in giving importance to the quality of manufactured products, using modern technology, investing in research and development of products, and increasing efforts in obtaining and maintaining customer satisfaction. .
Sanika believes that production is the easiest step in the process of product presentation and sales and customer satisfaction are the most difficult. It led to focus as much as possible on meeting the demands and needs of customers, using modern technology and knowledge in product design and using modern machines and quality raw materials in production.
Since 2016, Tash Radiator Production and Industrial Group has started working as a production unit of these products in Iran and with an annual production capacity of 900,000 square meters, it produces and supplies Sanica products under the same international standards. which is in line with the realization of national production as a sample unit of nanoscale products.
Panel radiators
. All manufactured radiators have a 12-year warranty against rotting.
. All panel radiators are produced under the European EN 442 quality standard.
. The sheets used in radiators are made of 12ST alloy steel under DC01 EN 10130 standard.
. The accurate positioning of the convector’s croquet blades in the centers of the water channels on the panel has made the highest thermal efficiency possible.
. All Sanica radiators are tested using automatic machines under 13 bar pressure.
. The surface of Sanica radiators are degreased and cleaned in 3 different processes by nanotechnology chemicals produced by Sur Tec, Germany, before the lining and painting stage, in order to improve the color quality of the surfaces.

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